By using solar power and cutting edge irrigation technology to capture run-off and minimize water consumption, Hance Park will serve as a sustainability model and a new benchmark for large urban parks in arid climates.

The Hance Park of the future will:

  • Be able to power 35,774 street lights through clean solar energy
  • Add excess harvested solar power to the city's grid
  • Capture 8.42 million gallons of rainwater and put it to use within the park, instead of completely relying on Phoenix's tap water supply
  • Generate a cooling microclimate; varied topography will create refreshing air passages, and increased vegetation will help to lower the park's temperature from the surrounding areas


Phoenix has arrived. As the fifth-largest city in the United States, our signature recreational space is long overdue.

To build this vision and rival New York City's Central Park or Chicago's Millennium Park, we need to raise millions of dollars in public and private funds over the next several years for this phased project.

That's where you come in!