Cable One has awarded a $100,000 donation to Hance Park Conservancy, whose mission it is to activate and unite the community by promoting the creative use of public space and a vibrant arts and culture experience at Margaret T. Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix. The funds will go toward the construction of a multi-purpose amphitheater and performance space.

“We are grateful for CableOne’s generous contribution to Hance Park and our community,” said Tim Sprague, President of the Hance Park Conservancy.  “It’s gratifying and important to have our corporate community members involved in efforts to make Hance Park a focal point for arts, culture and recreation in Downtown Phoenix.”  

Your charitable gift to the Hance Park Conservancy helps ensure the Hance Park Master Plan is realized, transforming this 32-acre space into a vibrant, iconic park for residents throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Region to enjoy.  

By helping the Hance Park Conservancy continue its work, you are investing in a future where Hance Park is a vibrant, urban oasis in the heart of Phoenix, known by residents and visitors far and wide. 

The Conservancy’s work includes:

  • Fundraising for Hance Park Master Plan Redevelopment and other capital improvements for the Park

  • Marketing to promote the Park, special events, and programming activities 

  • Advocating for Hance Park Neighboring Stakeholders

  • Coordinating and implementing programming activities/special events for the Park 

  • Coordinating volunteers to assist with projects and events on the Park

While the Hance Park Conservancy enjoys a successful partnership with the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, we receive no funding from the City of Phoenix.  Rather, we rely on charitable contributions to further our mission. 

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