Deck Parks, Community Connectivity and Massive Success

What is the role of the Conservancy? Dallas and Chicago show success with great programming and great Art

In the late 1980's when the 1-10 construction was being considered in Phoenix, neighborhood activists sued the Federal Government to build  that the deck and park that forms Hance Park. today.  Around the country, successful deck parks are creating vital green space and activating new development.

Kyle Larkin
Cities Want Young Families to Play and Stay

Doug and Maureen Towne, who live in Phoenix with their children Autumn, 10, and Ben, 2, have long toyed with the idea of moving to the suburbs. Doug works in nearby Scottsdale. Maureen drives back and forth from the Scottsdale school where Autumn will be entering fifth grade... 

Kyle Larkin
Wire: Hance Park Redesign Plans Move Forward

On March 25, 2015, roughly one year since the debut of the new Margaret T. Hance Park master plan, Phoenix City Council voted 6 to 1 to extend the contract of the Master Plan Design Team (project Lead Weddle Gilmore Architects LLC) to Phase II – Schematic Design.

Kyle Larkin